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Embryology Education at the Purcell Library

Photo of a yellow baby chickenThe Oklahoma State Extension 4-H Youth Development group is working with the Purcell library on a chicken embryology project.

They provided us with an incubator and eggs of diverse colors and sizes on March 31. The temperature in the incubator remains at 100 degrees to stimulate the warmth from the hen sitting on the eggs. The eggs are turned twice a day to help them develop, turning the eggs keeps the yolk from sticking to the inside of the egg. The different sizes and colors of eggs come from different types of chickens. It takes approximately 21 days for a chicken egg to hatch.

We are hoping to see them hatch around April 19. On Thursday, April 10, at 3:30, a representative will bring in a chick and an adult chicken and teach about the development of the chicken.

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