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Today's Public Library

black and white photo of library stacksIn the past week, I've visited with Norman citizens to discuss expanded public library service in our community. Our conversations have included enthusiasm for new possibilities. Often, however, I heard the statement, "Today's public library is much different than the library I grew up with."

I want to address this sentiment because beyond the nostalgia -- missing the look, smell and feel of your childhood library -- is something important. As American citizens, we often don't consider the silent gears that move forward the powerful machinery of democracy -- public schools and libraries in particular.

I believe that the reasons public libraries continue to enjoy public support are the same today as they were more than 100 years ago. In order for democracies to thrive, citizens must have free access to information, education, cultural and community history, humanitarian ideals, and community pride...

Click here to visit the Norman Transcript Online and read the entire article by Anne Masters.

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