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New Brainfuse Interface

Brainfuse has a new interface. Also it has added 3 new features: Flashbulb, MEET, and Brainwave. To help you get around these new sections, below are some helpful tips that will help you get used to the new layout.

    - To receive a Brainfuse account click on "SIGN UP" in the second box on the left hand side.
    - If you already have an account, log-in with your username and password in the first box on the left hand side.

   MEET is an online place where you can conduct online study groups, meetings, and connect with friends.

    - To invite people just enter their email in the box at the top.
    - You can share with your guest how long the online session will be open. Just select the time and date in the “Enter Start and End Times” section.
    -Once you have invited people a chat box will appear. In the chat box you will be able to:
        1. Chat (IM)
        2. Draw
        3. Create Graphs
        4. and much more!

     Flashbulb is a tool for you to create interactive material for you or your guest to learn and memorize  information.
    - Create an account. This account is different from your Brainfuse account information.
    - To create flashcards, click on “Create new Flashbulb”.
    - Enter in the information for your flashcards. (Stack name, description, category, etc..)
    - Underneath the setting box, you can pick a templet on how you want your material to appear. They have options like flashcards, hangman, quiz, crossword, and targets.
    - To enter in the questions and answers, click on “Data” and fill in the boxes.
    - Under the tab called “Slides”, you can drag images into the blue box for the images to show up on your flashcards.

    Brainwave is a place that allows you to record a movie of your activity on the Brainfuse whiteboard. Create brainwaves for note-taking purposes or send them when an ordinary email isn't enough.

    - To create a video, click on “Create a new Brainwave”.
    - Another screen that says create your brainwave will pop up. Click on “Begin Recording” to record your video.
    - Inside of your video you can create text, graphs, shapes, math problems, and much more.
    - After recoding your video, click “end recording”.
    - Then click save. You can share your video with other brainwave users at this time.


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