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2011 Food For Fines Results!

During our Food for Fines Program, the Pioneer Library System raised a total of 3.3 tons (6600 lbs) of food.  This is equivalent to the weight of 33 adult male reindeers.  Also, we raised a total of 8,748 food items, which is about 4,200 ft high if stacked up. This is equivalent  to 210 Tyrannosaurus Rex (~20 ft/each) stacked on top of each other or about 2.8 Sears Towers high (North America’s tallest building).

This program was a promotional program used to raise food items for local Oklahoma food pantries.  Each can, box, or bag of non-expired, non-perishable, unopened, undamaged food items that was brought to a library in the Pioneer Library System was counted towards $1 off library fines.

The Pioneer Library System would like to thank you for our success!

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