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PLS revisits the past!

Photo of man woman and baby in 1983Do you remember 1983? The Thriller video, by Michael Jackson, was totally awesome. The A-Team was driving their cool black and red van into living rooms nation wide. Jackie Collins' Hollywood Wives hit bookshelves. And Pioneer Library System turned 25. To celebrate that event a time capsule was gathered to be opened 25 years later.

The contents of a time capsule sealed, in 1983, by Pioneer Library System employees will be on display at our hometown library 50th Anniversary Celebrations. A second component of the time capsule exhibit will be the collection of suggestions from party goers about what should be included in the next time capsule to be prepared for the future generation of library patrons.

“I was here when the 1983 time capsule was prepared. One of the most interesting parts of it included predictions from each library branch as to what their library would be like in the year 2008,” said Theresa Dickson, Associate Director of Planning and Operations. “While some were almost sci-fi in nature, they held some ideas about libraries of the future (today) that indeed came true.”

“We plan to create another PLS time capsule to be opened in 2033,” said Dickson. “During the next four months each one of the system’s branch libraries is having 50th Anniversary Celebrations for their communities. Each community’s members will have the opportunity to suggest what should be included in the next time capsule.”

The exhibit will include a registration of guests and their suggestions as to the contents of the next time capsule. “Maybe I’ll suggest that we include the book of suggestions in the capsule,” said Dickson.

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