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October 1st- Babe Calls his Shot

October 1st, 1932. It was the fifth inning of game three of the 1932 World Series. With two strikes and Wrigley Field filled with hostile Cub fans, Babe Ruth pointed towards the center field bleachers. He then sent the ball flying high over the very bleachers he pointed at. The following home run led to a victory and the eventual sweep of the series for the Yankees. Whether this story is legend or fact is still debated, but it remains one of the greatest baseball stories ever told. Here are some books on Babe Ruth and other baseball notables to help you get ready for the MLB postseason.

The Big Bam : the life and times of Babe Ruth by Leigh Montville. Cover Image

He was the Sultan of Swat. The Caliph of Clout. The Wizard of Whack. The Bambino. And simply, to his teammates, the Big Bam. From the award-winning author of theNew York Times bestseller Ted Williams comes the thoroughly original, definitively ambitious, and exhilaratingly colorful biography of the largest legend ever to loom in baseball--and in the history of organized sports.

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